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The WOHS Choir Program policies were established to create the environment that allows our students to flourish, fully participating in the experiences that our choral program has to offer. Please read through each section of our policies, then print and submit the forms below. 



Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage the interest and participation in music
  • To develop the individual voice and an understanding of its relationship to a chorus
  • To expose students to different levels and styles of music
  • To instill the values of effort, commitment, cooperation, self-discipline, respect for others, dedication, and responsibility
  • To represent WOHS with the highest standard of musical performance and professionalism

Work Ethic
Willingness to Work - We have received acclaimed recognition for our Choir Program. Each individual is expected to give the necessary effort to make the Program the “best it can be.”

Musical Ability - Always strive to sing your part to the very best of your ability. You do not need to be a good singer to join chorus.  However, you must strive to reach a comparable level of your assigned choir.  

Attitude - “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill.  Having a positive attitude in the Choir Program is essential.  If one’s attitude and behavior are substandard and negatively impact others in the choir, it will be reflected in your grade.

Classroom Etiquette
It is important to show respect towards others in the Choir Program and to respect the Choir Department’s  equipment (i.e., pianos, stereos, music library, etc.).  The following items are not permitted during classroom time, rehearsals and performances:

  • Eating, Drinking and Chewing Gum
  • MP3 players, cell phones, smart phones, cameras, iPods, and CD players are not to be used in the choir room



Grading Policies
West Orange has an outstanding choral tradition maintained by the dedication and commitment of the students, parents, directors, and administration.  Students in all choirs are required to participate in all performance activities and associated rehearsals as part of the fulfillment of the course requirements, unless excused at least three weeks in advance by the choir director.  Work is not an excuse for missing a rehearsal or performance.  Please arrange your work schedule so that it allows you to attend all performances and events.  The director reserves the right to lower a student’s grade based on their unexcused absence from a required event. Attendance is required in class the day of a choral event.

This is not meant to be an “easy” class.  The average grade is “C”.  In order to receive a “B” it must be earned by showing a positive attitude and demonstrating proficiency in drill and music fundamentals (singing and sight exercises).  The grade of “A” will be earned by meeting all the requirements for a “B” and exhibiting positive aggressive leadership at all times (i.e. posture, on task, sing with breath support, etc.).

District GPA Policy
The Orange County School district requires that students maintain a 2.0 GPA in any given grading period in order to participate in FMEA sanctioned events such as District and State Choir Festivals.  Students not meeting those requirements in any given six week period will be withheld from FMEA events the following grading period or until the grades are satisfactory.  The Choir Department retains the option to require the same grade point average to participate in local activities not under the supervision of the FMEA.  

OCPS Extracurricular Activities Participation Policy
Student participation in extracurricular activities that are off-campus, involve competition and/or are part of a competitive event or cause the student to miss classes, require a 2.0 grade point average as defined by Florida Statute 1006.15.  (See OCPS Extracurricular Activity Agreement Form in Handbook that requires your signature)

Permission Slips and Choir Department Forms
The following forms must be completed, signed and turned in by the due date given, before any student is allowed to participate with the Choir Department for any event.

  • Student and Parent/Guardian Information Form
  • Consent/Waiver and Release Form
  • Student Release and Medical Insurance Form
  • Extracurricular Activity Form
  • If changes occur in your personal information (address, phone numbers, insurance etc.), please notify the Choir Department in writing.  Signed Field Trip permission forms for choir events must be turned in by the given due dates.  Any student not turning in the appropriate permission slip prior to the event will not be able to participate in that event, nor will this count as an excused absence.  Verbal permission is not an acceptable alternative.



Mandatory performances and events for ALL CHOIRS include: 

  • Fall Retreats
  • Prism
  • Let All Women/Men Sing!
  • Winter Concert
  • Spring Concert
  • A Cappella Show
  • District and State MPAs
  • Tours and Competitions
  • End of Year Celebration
  • Pre-Arranged Choir Pictures
  • All after school rehearsals
  • Other performances may be reflected on the calendar and may be added throughout the year.  It is expected that all students in the performing choir will attend all performances, unless excused in advance (review Grading Policies for requirements).

    Busses for the Winter and Spring concerts will be provided to and from West Orange High School to the concert venue for the REHEARSAL only.  Students and their parents/guardians will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the actual concerts.  
  • Make sure you have made transportation arrangements ahead of time 
  • After a rehearsal or concert, students should be picked up promptly.  While waiting for transportation the student must stay with the Director/assigned chaperone.   If you are more than ½ hour late from the scheduled pick up time, your child will be turned over to the Winter Garden Police Department on Plant Street.  You may pick your child up at Police headquarters.  
  • When traveling with the choir to any performance or rehearsal in transportation provided by the program, all participating students are required to ride together as a group to and from the event.  Written permission from parents and the director is required in advance of the event  if you need to make alternative travel plans. 

  • In addition to the above events, the Advanced Choirs (Bel Canto and Concert Choir) are expected to participate in the following performances and events:
  • WOHS Graduation Ceremony
  • Baccalaureate (Bel Canto only)

Traveling with WOHS Choir

     When a West Orange choir sets foot off-campus, it is for one mission; to touch and change lives through the power of music. West Orange choirs have had a long-standing national and international reputation of excellence, both in music and in professionalism. This occurs by maintaining and upholding the following expectations: 

  • Understanding and contributing to the purpose and vision of the WOHS Choir Program 
  • Choosing to maintain a positive and cheerful attitude, and maintaining the highest level of professionalism at all times, ready and excited for even some unexpected changes 
  • Protecting the environment and social climate by acting appropriately, understanding that this event is not a personal representation, but a representation of the choral program/school/county/state/country 
  • No smoking/drinking is ever allowed and failure to comply will result in the most extreme consequence

Prior to Departure 

  • Receive all teacher and parent/guardian signatures on all paperwork, and obtains make-up work from other classes 
  • Submit all forms including medical release form (provided in the course paperwork at the beginning of the school year), as well as field trip permission slips 
  • Plan to be in all classes ON THE DAY of trip/event and UPON RETURNING from trip (suspensions or any similar disciplinary consequence may result in not being allowed to participate in the event) 
  • Make sure all outfits are in choir dress code
  • Prepare any/all of your medical needs, especially for emergencies, and submit authorization forms to the WOHS clinic 72 hours in advance
  • Assist in the organizing, packing, and loading process for efficiency
  • Be in the correct mindset, prioritizing the success of the overall choir, so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience
  • Understand that the performance begins now

While traveling…

  • Use of cellular device and/or posting on social media is strictly prohibited unless told otherwise
  • You remain in dress code, remembering that pajamas are not allowed except inside a bedroom
  • Sit in assigned seats when applicable, remembering no couples of any kind may ever sit together
  • Respect the driver, who is responsible for safely taking you to your destination, without unnecessary distractions
  • Respect the vehicle by keeping the space sanitary, clean, and neat, not defacing/damaging equipment (please note if food is NOT allowed on the bus)
  • Respect the people around you by being considerate of noise level, light brightness, movement, etc.
  • Be considerate of those who may wish to use the restroom facilities
  • Exit efficiently, double checking that all necessary items are brought with you
  • Display your indebtedness to your driver who brought you to your destination
  • Always make sure all members of your group are accounted for

Arriving at a destination/event…

  • Use of cellular device and/or posting on social media is strictly prohibited unless told otherwise
  • Remain in dress code
  • In a one- or two-line formation, enter every space quickly and quietly with respect, then wait to be seated, unless told otherwise
  • Be respectful, courteous, and considerate to the general public
  • Treat everyone, especially adults, with the utmost respect and courtesy, remembering to respond with proper “Ma’am/Sir”
  • Be aware of your surroundings and behave appropriately with class and professionalism, understanding that someone else’s misbehavior does not give you permission to misbehave
  • Always make sure all members of your group are accounted for
  • Avoid dangerous/unsafe situations by staying aware and acting quickly and calmly, using your best judgment when necessary
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity or emergency situations to your director/chaperone
  • Always stay in groups of three or more, mixed with men and women, but not couples
  • Check in with chaperones at designated times when applicable
  • Always applaud others
  • Avoid being a distraction or disruption even if it is unintentional
  • Understand that no matter what the destination or event (mall, rest stop, museum, arcade, amusement parks, concert, etc.) there is a STANDARD that each student is expected to consistently and strictly maintain

Departing from an event…

  • Use of cellular device and/or posting on social media is strictly prohibited unless told otherwise
  • You remain in dress code
  • Tip your server when applicable
  • Double check that all necessary items are brought with you and not left behind
  • Always make sure all members of your group are accounted for
  • Leave spaces cleaner than how you found it
  • Get to the meeting location earlier than designated time considering unpredictable obstacles may cause a delay
  • Receive instructions and cues from leaders/chaperones/directors and follow them promptly and efficiently

In hotel/lodging accommodations…

  • Use of cellular device and/or posting on social media is strictly prohibited unless told otherwise
  • Remain in dress code, remembering to be decent in the presence of others
  • Respect the accommodations by keeping the space sanitary, clean, and neat, and not defacing/damaging equipment, using all items with care
  • Keep the space neat and tidy, allowing for an easier packing process when it is time to depart
  • Understand a shared space, and be considerate and flexible with roommates
  • Stay in assigned rooms/areas unless permitted otherwise
  • You may not contact the front desk/room service for any reason
  • Visitors not involved on the trip (especially the opposite sex) may ever enter your room or hallway without the approval of a chaperone/director
  • Respect the vehicle by keeping the space sanitary, clean, and neat, not defacing/damaging equipment (please note if food is NOT allowed on the bus)
  • Respect your roommates and neighbors around you by being courteous and considerate of noise level, light brightness, movement, etc.
  • Be considerate, flexible, and strategic about using the restroom facilities
  • Always make sure all members of your group are accounted for
  • Avoid dangerous/unsafe situations by staying aware and acting quickly and calmly, using your best judgment when necessary
  • Report any suspicious activity or emergency situations to your director/chaperone immediately
  • Receive instructions and cues from leaders/chaperones/directors and follow them promptly and efficiently, especially with regards to lights out, wake-up calls, breakfast times, and call times
  • You do not have access to the pool, fitness facility, balcony/rooftop

Failure to abide by these expectations will result in extremely serious consequences, as it could not only get in the way of having an enjoyable experience, but could prove to be dangerous and unsafe. The expectations above are put into place so that everyone on the trip can be in an environment that is safe, and can have a successful, and enjoyable experience – one that will be an experience to be remembered and treasured for a long time!



Uniform Requirements
Uniforms are an important part of the overall look and show quality of our choral performances. All students in the Choir Program are required to purchase a uniform, including approved accessories.  Once students have received their uniform and accessories they are responsible for its upkeep and the replacement of any damaged or lost items (for example, earrings or bowties).  This includes dry cleaning and making sure the entire uniform is presentable according to the “Uniform Performance Standards”.

Uniform Costs (all items are required): 

Dress - $89
Shoes - $42
Necklace - $7
Earrings - $4
Hemming - $18
Polo Shirt - $30
Total - $190

Tail Coat - $109
Pants - $23
Shirt - $13.50
Vest - $39.50
Tie - $13.50
Shoes - $34.50
Hemming - $7
Polo Shirt - $30
Total - $270

The prices listed above include shipping.  They are estimates and are subject to change according to the current year’s vendor costs.  Please note that garment bags are required for tours and will need to be purchased separately.  In addition to the main uniform, for some performances and fundraising events, additional items may need to be purchased.

Payment Options:  Check or money order made payable to “WOHS Choral Department”, cash, or fundraised money.

Note:  Uniforms will not be ordered or issued if payments are not made by the due dates.  If you do not have a uniform in advance of the concert date, you will not be permitted to perform.

Previously worn uniforms may be available at a reduced price.  If you would like to consider this option, please let your director know as soon as possible.

Uniform Performance Standards
The Choir Program endeavors to display a professional, polished, and consistent look at all times.  We are many individuals combining to create “one” choir, through which the power of music is able to “Build Passion and Purpose through Music”.  It is very important then that the “music”, and not the individual, be the main focus of a performance.  In accordance with this, the "Uniform Performance Standards" are to be strictly followed.

One Week Prior to Performance

  • All uniforms are to be dry-cleaned (Note: Please do not iron the dresses or the Tux jacket or pants) 
  • Any needed repairs (including hemming) should be completed.
  • Check to make sure that all accessories are accounted for and in good condition.
  • Make any accessory purchases.  
  • Borrowing any uniform items (provided a used item is even available to be borrowed) will result in a dry cleaning fee being charged to your account. Note:  Jewelry cannot be borrowed from the choir department due to personal hygiene concerns.

Performance Day:
All uniforms should be clean and neat (wrinkle free), and not in need of repairs or hemming.

Ladies uniform requirements:

  • Black choir dress
  • Black choir shoes
  • Hose (a color that closely resembles your natural skin color)
  • Choir jewelry (pearl earrings and necklaces)

Gentlemen's uniform requirements:

  • Choir tux pants, shirt, vest, bowtie and jacket
  • Black socks
  • Choir black tuxedo shoes

Hair and Nail standards

  • Must be clean and neatly styled as to be out of the face.
  • Styles that are determined to draw individual attention will not be allowed.
  • Hair must be of a natural looking color.
  • Colors that are drastically apparent and draw individual attention will not be allowed
  • Nails should be free of polish other than clear or french manicured.

Jewelry requirements:

  • For women, the official jewelry (pearl earrings and necklaces purchased with the choir uniform) are  the only items of jewelry acceptable
  • Women are not permitted to wear a second pair of earrings 
  • Men are not permitted to wear any earrings
  • No other viewable body piercing is acceptable (i.e., tongue, eyebrow, nose, etc.)
  • Rings, watches, bracelets or other armbands are not to be worn

At the discretion of the Choral Director, any student found to be in an improper uniform according to the “Uniform Performance Standards” will not be allowed to participate in the choral performance, which may affect the student’s grade for the class.

Uniform Care 
Ladies’ Dresses

  • Dry Clean Only.  Velvet cannot be washed.
  • During handling, velvet can show bruise or crush marks. These may be removed by lightly brushing the fabric with a soft bristle brush. Steam may also be directed at the fabric but do not allow an iron to come in contact with the velvet pile face. Velvet may be pressed with a dry iron on the back side of the velvet.  Never apply an iron to the pile face of the velvet!
  • If you have questions concerning the care of your dress, please call Stage Accents customer service team at 800-631-1611.
  • Be careful to not place a hot iron on any part of the dress. It is best to steam the dress or have the dress dry cleaned after each performance.

Men's Tuxes

  • Tux pants, jacket and vests should be dry cleaned after each wearing. Tux shirts may be laundered and pressed at home if you prefer.
  • Never place a hot iron directly on the tux jacket, vest or pants. Doing so can result in a permanent stain or "shiny" mark on the finish of the material.

Note:  It is best to hang up your uniform immediately after wearing so the wrinkles do not set in!
           Please air dry garment prior to placing back in garment bag.



Membership Fees
Membership Fees are collected from ALL choir students to help defray the operating costs of the choir department.  Membership Fees are $115 for First Year Choir Students and $225 for Returning Choir Students (fees for First Year Students are reduced to accommodate your uniform purchase obligation).  All fees are non-refundable.  Fund-raised money can be used for dues payments, but the due date will not be delayed pending fund-raiser funds not yet posted.   You can pay the fees in one lump sum, or follow the monthly payment schedule listed in the detailed calendar.  We accept cash, checks and money orders made payable to West Orange HS Choral Department.

Payment Policy

  • Payments are accepted on “Money Day”, which will be every other Thursday.
  • “Money Day” will be strictly adhered to.  If any changes have to be made, students and parents will be notified with as much advance notice as possible.
  • All checks and money orders are made payable to WOHS Choral Department.
  • Student name and choir must be written on each check or money order.
  • You must submit a separate check for each item you are paying for (example, if you are paying a Dues payment, Deposit for Uniform and a Hoodie the same week, you must submit three checks, one for the dues, one for the uniform and another for the hoodie.  We realize that this is an inconvenience, however due to OCPS rules for receipting money this simple step will save us several hours each week in counting and receipting.
  • Any returned checks will result in “cash only” payments for the remainder of the year.
  • We do not accept coins totaling over $1.00.
  • Receipts will be given to each student turning in a payment.  Please save your receipts in case of any discrepancy.
  • It is the recommendation of the school that payments be made by check or money order.

Bel Canto, Concert Choir, and Noise Complaint will take part in a fall weekend retreat and an out-of-state trip in the spring.  Women's Chorale and Advanced Male Chorus will take part in an in-state competition in the Spring. More information will be forthcoming with respect to the details and payment plans.  It is imperative that you make the scheduled installment payments on time. There will be numerous fundraising opportunities to assist with the cost of the trip, but students and their families will need to supplement the choir supported fundraisers with their own savings programs.  

Student Accounts
The Choir Department uses Microsoft Excel to maintain student accounts.  Individual statements will be sent home periodically throughout the year.  

Applying Money to Student Accounts
All money turned in by payment or fundraising will be applied to each student’s account in the following order of priority:

  • 1st - Prior Obligations – Money owed from the previous year/s must be paid in full before any money is applied to membership fees , uniforms or trips.
  • 2nd – Membership Fees – to be paid in full before money is applied to uniforms or trips.
  • 3rd – Uniforms – to be paid in full before money is applied to trips.
  • 4th – Trips – Lastly, payments or fundraising money is applied to trips. 

Please keep in mind that students’ individual accounts are not “bank accounts”.  The purpose of the account is to keep students and parents apprised of their monetary progress during the year.  There are absolutely NO refunds. Students are able to “rollover” fundraised monies to the following year (if applicable) to prepay dues and/or save for future trips. Any “extra” monies in a student’s account at the time they leave choir will be placed in the General Operating Fund for Choir expenses.

On April 1st, all unpaid balances are turned over to the WOHS bookkeeper as an “obligation”. All seniors must have their “obligations” paid in full to participate in graduation.   Underclassmen’s “obligations” must be paid by May 1, by money order or cash, or the obligations will rollover to the following year. 

Fundraising is an optional opportunity to enable the students to raise funds to pay for membership fees, uniforms, retreats and trips. If you choose to participate in any of the approved choir department fundraisers, you are responsible for following the guidelines and rules of each fundraiser. You will be accountable for meeting deadlines provided for turning in order forms, money or product.  If your student withdraws from Chorus any and all fundraised profits that you have on your child’s account will automatically transfer to our general operating account.  We do not refund “Fundraised Money”.

After a deadline for returning unsold product passes, you become financially responsible for reimbursing any and all money owed for the product.



In order for our students to be safe, we need as many parents, grandparents, alumni, and other family members over the age of 21 to volunteer and chaperone.  

So how do you get started as a chaperone? Visit our Volunteer page and follow the steps to become and approved ADDitions School Volunteer for West Orange, then submit your information to the choir department. 

REMEMBER, no one will be able to assist as a chaperone unless the above-mentioned process is complete.  Do not allow anyone else to complete the form for you.  Also, remember that Dr. Redding and Mr. Yasay have the final approval of chaperones and volunteers.


Chaperoning for WOHS Choir

None of the choir field trips or events can occur without the generous time given by our chaperones. Our choir chaperones care for all of our kids like they are their own, work with their directors to efficiently execute plans and facilitate logistics, and actively protect the overall environment based on the vision of the choir program to ensure that all of our students are can optimally grow.
Our choir chaperones…

  • Know the workings, policies, and procedures of our choir program, and understand the purpose of the environment that the directors work to establish
  • Protect the overall environment and social climate by working professionally with one another to serve all the students in the best capacity
  • Purposefully do not chaperone their own child(ren), so that they may supervise and serve all students equally, giving space for their own child to have the same opportunity to grow
  • Take charge of assignments, big or small, given to them by the directors coming up with plans and logistics that prove to be the most efficient
  • Maintain the perspective that STUDENTS ARE THE PRIORITY

To protect our chaperones, the following policies are enforced by Orange County Public Schools:

Chaperone Guidelines for Field Trips

  • The field trip supervisor must be a faculty member of the institution taking the trip.
  • All chaperones must be at least 21 years of age and a member of the school

faculty/staff or a district registered volunteer.

  • Overnight chaperones must assume a 24-hour day responsibility for students from the time they leave until the time they return.
  • The level of student supervision of students while on a field trip is no less than the level of supervision of students required when students are on campus, participating in class, or participating in other school or school board activities.
  • Chaperones are expected to be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct and Discipline, the Civility Policy and shall report all suspected violations to the field trip supervisor immediately.
  • Chaperones may not discipline a student, staff member and another chaperone.
  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages by a chaperone at any time during a field trip is prohibited.
  • Chaperones must actively supervise and keep an accurate check on members assigned to them.
  • Overnight chaperones may not retire until all students are in their rooms, all visiting between rooms has stopped, and the chaperones are sure the students are secure.
  • Gender of the group members shall be considered when assigning chaperones and floor assignments.
  • Chaperones will not be permitted to bring siblings of participating students or other persons on a field trip.
  • Parents or student relatives who are not chaperones or student participants in a field trip will not be permitted to join a field trip at its destination unless they are approved volunteers by OCPS. Such individuals will be assigned a specific group of students in addition to their child/relative to supervise.
  • Chaperones must wear appropriate clothing at all times. Appropriate clothing is defined as being dressed from neck/shoulder area to mid-thigh or knee area.
  • Medical release waivers for each student shall be carried on all field trips. In case of an accident, the medical release waivers shall be presented to the treating physician. A student’s permission slip shall be attached to the student injury incident report, which is required with an accident.
  • Chaperones are required to report any illness of students to the field trip supervisor/sponsor immediately.

To ensure your status is “active” for chaperoning, please login to your account:
Prior to any choir trip or event that you are chaperoning, please check with your directors about the following:

  • Schedule/Itinerary
    • What time do chaperones arrive and where? Are they able to park in that location?
    • What time is parent pickup? (Chaperones are released of their duties after the last child has been picked up.)
  • Students you have been assigned to (if applicable)
    • If you were accidentally assigned to your own child, please let us know immediately.
  • Special assignments/duties (meals/snacks, equipment, uniform, supplies, etc.) or specific expectations or policies pertaining to any given trip
  • Rooming and/or bus assignments
    • Chaperones are expected to sit throughout each bus to provide optimal supervision
    • There should always be one chaperone at the front of the bus, to serve as the adult who will communicate with the bus driver
    • Students are not permitted to contact accommodations staff (hotel staff, room service, etc.) and must report any concerns directly to chaperones
  • Expenses and/or fees are required of chaperones

As our choir chaperones, it is your responsibility to care for our students, but as the directors, it is our responsibility to care for you! Please always feel free to ask us questions and address any concerns. We greatly appreciate your generous gift of time!