Festival Mixed Choir for Festival Disney

Festival Disney

Per Mr. Yasay

My printer was down, so I apologize about not having been able to print the roster. The following students have been selected for this year’s Festival Mixed Choir. Please note that this list can still be altered (students can be added/removed). The deciding criteria for student selection was:

  • An advanced level of musicianship due to minimal rehearsal time. 
  • A level of dedication and discipline prepared to make a larger time and financial commitment. 
  • A level mental and emotional preparedness to compete.

Please email Mr. Yasay ASAP stating that you accept your spot. If an email is not received by Dec. 29, it is assumed that your spot has not been accepted, and will be opened to another student. By accepting your spot you: 

  • Agree to having all music learned by specified deadlines 
  • Agree to attend ALL rehearsals 
  • Agree to financially commit to ALL payments

11 sopranos, 11 altos, 6 tenors, 7 basses

Congratulations on being selected! Now, buckle down and prepare as the true test comes when you experience the challenges of competition. Your next step is to e-mail me accepting your spot ASAP. Also, check the calendar to obtain all rehearsal dates, competition dates, and trip meetings. If you have any rehearsal conflicts (drama, sports, etc.), I will need to know them by January 8th. Remember, missed rehearsals will result in immediate removal. Keep a lookout on payment and payment deadlines in January. Once again, congratulations!

Daryl Yasay