Returning Students & Parents Meeting + Hosting ICCA

Returning Students & Parents Meeting

For students and their parents who are considering returning to choir next school year, there will be a meeting to discuss next year's choir offerings, plans, and other items.

Preparing for Hosting ICCA 

We are still accepting student and parent volunteers in hosting ICCA next Saturday, January 27th. It will be a large but exciting undertaking, and we are looking for helpful and proactive volunteers. Responsibilities will include with assisting with organization and clean-up, check-ins, assisting show producer, being ambassador's for each of the collegiate a cappella groups, runners, tickets and box office (adults only), concessions, and timekeeping. There will training provided after-school this week, so please stay tuned for when that training will be. If interested, sign-up on Mr. Yasay's door by Tuesday. Parents, please have your child sign your name on Mr. Yasay's door. Parents can also send Mr. Yasay an e-mail (, but please ensure your name is signed on the sheet by your child. Thank you to all in advance!

Women's Glee Updated Rehearsals

Please note that the rehearsal schedule for Women's Glee has been updated. Dates were listed for rehearsals in March were a mistake, and updated to February in preparation for MPA. Please update your calendar and plan to attend as those rehearsals are mandatory for each member, and highly important as Glee prepares for MPA. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!


Just a reminder to keep District MPA on your radar. The dates are March 5-7, and we will be notified on which date we will be assigned. In the meantime, please do your best keep your availability open as MPA is a mandated event for all choir students, as it is choir's FCAT equivalent. We will also be requesting chaperones once we know what date we are selected to perform. Thank you!

Members Calendar 

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