Let All Men & Women Sing

Let All Women/Men Sing!

Men and Women from WOHS, Lakeview and SunRidge Middle Schools choirs



Tuesday, October 30, 2018

12:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

WOHS Auditorium


·         11:08 - report to choir room (12:00 – Middle Schoolers arrive)

·         12:30 – Introductions and Sectionals (Chorus and Band Room)

·         3:00 – Combined Choir

·         4:00 – Dinner (Cafeteria)

·         5:00 – Staging (Auditorium)

·         5:30 – Doors open

·         6:00 – Concert starts

·         6:30 – Concert ends: Parent Pickup


Dress Code

·          Festival t-shirts

·         Jeans

·         Close-toed shoes with socks

·         No jewelry and/or accessories including necklaces, facial piercings, bracelets, watches

·         No or clear nail polish

·         Hair of natural color, neatly styled out of the face (no bangs)


Concert Grading & Expectations

This performance will count heavily towards the first marking period grade.

·         Be in school on the day of the concert, dressed professionally.

·         Arrive in proper concert attire by call time, prepared and focused to deliver a reputable performance.

·         Please eat a healthy, substantial meal before arriving to the concert venue. Stay well hydrated.

·         No cell phones or other items need to be brought.

·         Follow all cues and directions (on- and off-stage).

·         Deliver a reputable performance representative of the standards established during rehearsals.

·         Stay for the full duration of the concert.

·         If ill, please e-mail Dr. Redding (jeffery.redding@ocps.net) or Mr. Yasay (daryl.yasay@ocps.net) immediately (no later than 24 hours after the concert starts) to be excused and receive a large make-up assignment.



Parents: Please be considerate of chaperones and directors and their families’ schedules. Students who are not picked up within 30 minutes of pickup time will be safely dropped off at Winter Garden Police Station.


Daryl Yasay