Call for Disney Candlelight Chaperones

This is the OFFICIAL request for chaperones for Disney Candlelight, for auditioned choirs, this Friday. If you have spoken to, or emailed Dr. Redding or Mr. Yasay about chaperoning for Disney Candlelight, please send an email to Mr. Yasay ( upon receiving this message, as prior messages will not be considered.

Chaperones will be selected by seniority to provide opportunities for parents of upperclassmen to watch their child in Disney Candlelight, and can be distributed to underclassmen parents as spots are available.


1 p.m. - Students and chaperones arrive in choir room for check-in

2 p.m. - Depart for backstage area of Epcot, leave belongings locked up in choir room

2:45 - Arrive at Epcot and security clearance (Lunch served – Choice of cold sandwiches, chips, cookies, and water)

3:15 - Show attendants, chaperones, and directors to Meeting

3:35 - Choir Rehearsal

4:15 - Robe Distribution & Directors meet at Candy Cane Sign

4:30 - Riser Lineup, Processional Formation & Candle Distribution

5:00 - Show

6:00 - Show ends

6:10 - Depart for WOHS

6:45 - Arrive at WOHS for Parent Pickup

If you plan on meeting FAMILY at the park, you must provide a letter to Mr. Yasay by Monday, December 12, 2016.

Disney requires that we have 3 parent volunteers who will fulfill the following roles:

1 Tent Attendant - A volunteer that will sit in the holding tent and supervise the belongings of the students. This volunteer will be unable to watch the show, and unless there are no immediate volunteers, this will be assigned to a parent of an underclassmen.

2 Backstage Attendants - Two volunteers that will sit backstage during the performance and will assist in any emergencies should one of our students fall ill in the midst of performances. Disney cast members will escort the student off stage and bring them backstage where they will be supervised by our designated backstage attendants.

All interested chaperones should have a status as “Active” on ADDitions. Please e-mail Mr. Yasay ASAP, and indicate if you’re interested in being either a tent attendant or show attendant.

Thank you!

Daryl Yasay