MPA Schedule

  • Before 1st period - students drop off choir uniforms. As per tradition, students are in professional attire. 
  • Students attend periods 1-4.  
  • Period 5/A Lunch - students report to choir room to check in for attendance.  
  • 11:45 - students must have eaten and be changed into uniform. Warm-up with Dr. Redding
  • 12 noon - Chaperones arrive 
  • 12:30 - Load busses  
  • 12:45 - Depart to Windermere High School
  • 1:15 - Arrive at Windermere High School  
  • 3:15 - Women’s Chorale to warm-up
  • 3:30 - Women’s Chorale performs
  • 3:45 - Women’s Chorale sight-read
  • 4:15 - Concert Choir to warm-up  
  • 4:30 - Concert Choir performs  
  • 4:45 - Concert Choir sight-reading  
  • 6:00 - Block Break
  • 7:00 - Bel Canto to warm-up 
  • 7:15 - Bel Canto performs  
  • 7:30 - Bel Canto sight-reads  
  • 8:30 - Load busses and depart for WOHS  
  • 9:00 - Arrive at WOHS and review scores
  • 9:15 - Dismissed for parent-pickup  

Cell Phones  

Use of cell phones by students are strictly prohibited during MPA and a school can be disqualified should a cell phone be a distraction. Cell phones will be collected before loading busses. Phones must be in a ziplock bag with name sharpied on the bag.  

Bathroom Breaks 

When utilizing the facilities during MPA, audience members will not be permitted to enter the auditorium if a choir is in the middle of performance. Students must use the bathroom in between choir performances in hasteful manner, and have a choir member accompany them. Students must not miss a performance of a West Orange Choir. To ensure this, students may not use the facility ONE choir before a West Orange choir performs. 



It is imperative, as this is an adjudicated festival, that all audience practice proper audience etiquette. All choirs work very hard to prepare for MPA as this is a choir’s EOC equivalent. It is appropriate to be seated, respectfully observe each choir’s performance, and appropriately applaud each performance. Talking (especially during a choir’s performance), cell phone use, or nodding off during a performance is disrespectful and disruptive, and can be considered grounds for a school’s disqualification. 



Concessions will be served at Windermere HS. Our students are welcome to concessions after Women’s Chorale performs and during the block break. Students may go to concessions in small groups at the discretion of the chaperones. Here are concession prices: 

Hot Dogs $2

Pizza-$2 (limited quantity-first come first served)

Soda/Water $1

Candy $1

Chips $1



Daryl Yasay