Update for New Orleans

Hello parents and students of Women’s Chorale and Intermediate Mixed Choir,

Tomorrow is the deadline for the New Orleans trip to be paid in full. Our records show that several students have either not completed (or have not yet started) making payments for this trip, creating a large issue for us. We cannot pay our touring company if these payments are not completed.

We had been left with two options:

1. cancel the trip, which would result in paying trip cancellation fees, or,

2. go on the trip, though with the number of students that have not paid (or have canceled due to grades/ACT testing), increase the trip price.

We have decided to go on the trip, though the trip price will increase as we will drop the students who have not made payments. How much the price would increase will be dependent upon who meets tomorrow’s payment deadline. After which, we will inform you all of the our next game plan, which would be to put together a selective, trusted committee of solution-oriented parents to find fundraising opportunities for the students whose trip price has increased.

Please understand that we do everything in our power to keep costs down. We supply fundraisers to assist in these costs. We recruit the help of parent volunteers to work over the summer to plan for a successful school year, providing our students with enriching, extraordinary experiences. While the trips are costly, the experience is invaluable. How these experiences shape our students lives, especially as they become adults, shows much larger impact than the cost of the trip. This is why we work endlessly to provide these experiences. We are eternally grateful and forever indebted to those who support our vision, and join in our mission. To those parents and students - we say, “Thank You.”

I will be in touch.


Mr. Yasay

Daryl Yasay